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Basic Training
We are offering varying levels of basic training to suit all levels. Each level is run as a set course as with anything in dog training, it doesn't happen over night and takes time. If you are unsure which course would be most suited to you and your dog, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Basic/Puppy Training Level One - £10 x 1 hour Session 

This is for all breeds over the age of 10 weeks. Over the 6 sessions, the group will learn how to get their dog to heel on a lead, sit until given a release command and come when they are called. They will also learn how to leave a treat/toy when asked, how to lie down and if time learn a few basic fun tricks! Some elements of the agility equipment will be used as well such as the tunnels and weaves making it an excellent course for those who wish to progress to more advanced agility or obedience.
Basic Obedience Training Level Two -£10 x 1 hour Session 
This is for all breeds that have either completed the level one course and are looking to progress to more complex tasks or for dogs over the age of one that already have the basics. Owners will learn how to get their dogs heeling off a lead, distant recall, have an introduction to whistle training and various other more advanced tasks, mostly off lead.
Please understand that our classes are all run outside. We have NO indoor facility and so our classes run only during the spring and summer months. There are times when the weather lets us down and we have to postpone classes.

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