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Gun Dog Training
Gun dog training is becoming increasingly popular. Not just because people are getting more and more involved in the sport itself, but also more people are looking to compete in field trials and take part in the amateur scurrys at game fairs and county shows. Not only this but dog owners are more in tune to what their dogs were designed for and are looking for ways to encourage and promote their natural behaviours such as Cocker Spaniels and hunting.
Gun dog training does not mean that a dog or handler has to ever go near a real working shoot but can be a fun and engaging activity for both parties and help build the bond between dog and handler.
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Introduction to Gun Dog Training - £10 x 1 Hour Sessions - Limited to Max of 6 Dogs

This is for all breeds of dog that have good basic obedience already (will heel on a lead, sit and stay off lead and enjoy carrying a toy/ball/dummy AND/OR enjoy hunting). If you are looking to find out more about what it takes to train a gun dog, what is involved and how the training can be a fun activity for you and your dog then this is perfect for you. Or if you wish to take your dog out on a shoot for the first time and not wish to embarrass yourself; again, this can be the perfect introduction. 
Intermediate Gun Dog Training - £10 x 1 Hour Sessions - Limited to Max of 6 Dogs
In order to complete this course, you must have successfully completed the introductory course. This will give you chance to advance your skills learnt on the previous session, introduce whistle training, begin distance work and perfect more complex retrieves.
Novice Gun Dog Training Days

We have started running real working gun dog days, on a real shoot for those who wish to have a controlled shoot to practice working their dog on. We ran our first day this season with 8 dogs in attendance. It was a extremely successful day for both dogs and handlers with all dogs going home achieving a basic retrieve on land and water. We had a small select team of guns who shot very well and two experienced dogs in attendance to ensure any wounded game was quickly retrieved and humanely dispatched.
We intend to run more of these in the 14/15 season. In order to attend your dog needs to have heard bangs before, be carrying something at home (e.g. a dummy, tennis ball) and have good basic obedience (heel on lead, sit, stay and recall).
Please enquire for more information
Please note that one to one sessions are available if required, and Ellena can attend a days shooting with you to assist and help you and your dog. Please enquire for more information and prices.
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