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In House Training

Are you struggling for time to train your dog, or just need some help training them?
Here at Swift Dog Training we can help. We are set up to take your dog and train it for you. This can be to simply improve their all round obedience, work on something specific (e.g. pulling on the lead) or train a certain discipline such as gundog or agility. 

This can be as an intensive one off training period or on going. Whilst you are busy at work or tied up elsewhere, it can be a relief to know your dog is receiving structured and fun training sessions. Particularly during the winter months when the days are short, we can offer your dog the one to one time and training that they need. 

This training will all be part of an on-going plan, discussed and agreed with the owner. We will work with the dog initially and then offer the owner the chance to come and learn with their dog/s in a one to one lesson so that the training can continue at home.

Please do call to discuss individual requirements.
  • Flexible pick up & drop off times
  • Multi day discount available 
  • Controlled socialisation included
  • Anxious, undesirable behaviours all accepted and worked with
  • Fully qualified and vastly experienced trainers
  • Council inspected and approved 
  • All breeds and entire dogs accepted
  • £20 per dog per day

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In House Training
A little snippet of what we can offer at Swift Dog Training
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