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 Training Holidays
We have a limited number of spaces for dogs to come in to be trained here with us. It is often easier to help a dog without the owner present for the initial stages of training.
Our kennels were specifically designed by Ellena, to make them as comfortable, warm and safe as possible for all their inhabitants. They are situated a little over 1 foot from our house and are all padlocked at all times. We also have padlocked gates and security cameras positioned all over the kennels. 
As a guest your dog will be walked with the rest of our pack (currently 14) twice a day and spend a minimum of 45 minutes one to one training either in the safety of the training pen or if more advanced across the rolling Oxfordshire hills and training wood.
We understand as well how important it is that your method of training is used consistently to avoid confusing your dog. To this end we are happy to spend time with you pre-training holiday to ensure we get the best and most productive time spent with your dog. We are happy to take two dogs at a time if necessary and train them together or individually.
We are ideally located in the countryside right on the border of Oxfordshire and Warwickshire making it very easy to find from Warwick, Stratford upon Avon or Banbury direction.
We only have capacity for a maximum of four dogs at any one time due to the time each dog takes up for training so book early to avoid disappointment!
For more information, a tour of our facilities or detail on prices please contact us via the link.
Please note; we do not dog board and are not a boarding kennels
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